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Man, this chord signature is so catchy, it's that magical one that you hear from artists all the time (Sing Don't Stop Believing by Journey, and see what I mean, lol).
Great work with the piece, the midi's sound as clean as your keyboard, and best of luck in the future dude.


Semaphore responds:

Thanks =) I hear Journey from time to time and Iove the chords I try to keep it my style at all

have a nice day every day ^-^v


Needs more cowbell.

Now this, this is some good dubstep.

Dude! You're insane for making this! I just stumbled upon your work, and this just tops it for me. A piano version of Kyumikioku (butchered, but whatever) is an amazing idea. Now it needs lyrics, haha. In all seriousness, you have a great talent as a pianist. Keep up the great work man!


Forgotten? Try unacknowledged. This is just a smooth, calming tune. It just makes me want to relax, enjoy the moment, turn up the bass and enjoy the beautiful piano samples.

Nice piece bro.

This is a really interesting song. It gives off an eerie feel, but at the same time, reminds me of the game Fat Princess, which uses a lot of chime effects with a more medieval sound.

This song definitely has that haunting castle feel, which I think you accomplished awesomely.
Great job man.

blackrose96 responds:

Thank you very much, that's exactly what I was going for!

Well, when I first heard this, I though, this needs a super fast awesome dance beat now.. It feels like it could totally lead up to a super fast awesome dance bea... HOLY MOTHER OF MOSES ON A GIANT WHALE!

In all seriousness, this is great, I love everything composed in this track. It's adventurous, and electrically charged with positive emotions. The synths... holy god, the synths... Best I've heard in a long time. Congrats, this is pretty bad ass.


danyool777 responds:

Haha thanks
Glad you liked the electricity and the synths.
and i'm glad you liked it in general <3

Wow, this is stunningly beautiful. I thought this was really creative to, in a sense, evolve as the song did in the series. When the rest of the instruments kick in, I instantly love the bass and synths working together like they do. This goes to show that a short loop in a really important building has such a powerful potential for a remix in the right hands. Kudos to you, this was brilliant.

RobSoundtrack responds:

Kman Thanks so very much; I see you are skilled in picking up the subtle nuances and thus am glad you are one of the few who made it here to listen to the piece!!!
Thanks for your ear, the kind words, and the motivation!!


I'm liking the little bass riff you got going there. The synths are very well done too.

I'm just on a roll here you should, but you should call it... "Shat my pants", you know, for the lolz. XD


TheMagicCape1 responds:


God damnit Nappa...

I liked it. Definitely something the characters would say in the TFS series. I really got a chuckle out of it. Great way to start off a new day. Keep your the voice acting going!


I'm just a guy that likes to make tolerable music and do some lame impressions. It's coo, yo.

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