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Dat end credit song.


pivot5 responds:


I really enjoyed the flick.

This is one of those rare jems people like to see. The suspense and the random rapping on the building made you really wonder what was going on, and what all this could of lead up to. I really liked the sudden plot twist at the end, and that was definitely not what I was expecting. Thank god I haven't gone too far north in Canada to find those things running around. Great Job HotDiggity. Can't wait to see what else you can pull out.

I liked it.

Talk about irony...

Jesus Christ.

Just speechless man, wow.

Briliant idea attacking the bigger names too, give'm a little wake up call.
I really don't know what to type anymore.. A good time to end it...

Great Video Man!

I gotta say, the real joke is the ending, look at all these conspiracy theorists already!
Haha, I most I have to say about any possible outcomes of the series is, wait and find out, we will sooner or later. Great video and what a way to end it off.
Twiddling thumbs for season 2...

Just great.

Now if only that guy from youtube could get the hint...

Ohh No...

Why did I love this so much?

This is Beautiful.

Speechless man.
Just ...speechless.


I have to say, this looked like you put a lot of effort into this. It would be even better to see what could happen if you were given more time to work on it. The characters didn't feel fake(meaning emotion and facial expressions, otherwise faker than a cartoon filled with animals that only say thier names and have special abilities. Wait...) and the attacks seemed real enough. The only problems I had with the video were that there was little to no backstory (If you can call bios backstory), and that there was a little too much spinning (It's not a big thing, but wow, they're spinning more than figure skaters. Chaz Michael Michaels FTW!), but other than those small things, the flash was full of action, and great detail.

Way to prove that Pokemons (?) can look better than standing in one spot and selecting one-of-four moves they learn in their lives.

Good job and good work


P.S. Do you think I rambled just a little too much?

I found the Pico 2 bit was hilarious.

I just wonder how many people took that one seriously... Be prepaired for the hatemail lol (not to mention the tom fulp watching hentai vids jokes)! Have a good year Tom!

I'm just a guy that likes to make tolerable music and do some lame impressions. It's coo, yo.

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